Friday, 1 July 2011

Why do we write?

Hello folks, I'm Jack, I'm an author and sometimes I wonder why I do that, writing things (not just single blog or forum posts) that nobody will care about unless it's promoted. Did that question ever come through your mind, as such a writer that nobody reads?

Personally I do that because I need to express myself, sometimes words can be more effective than oral talk. It can reach more people. But I'm part of those many guys who keep struggling as writers, using typewriters or computers or ipads or whatever else, burning their minds and bodies, and then struggling the same way trying to get heard or published or produced or etc. Since the writer is not supposed to have a face and show off, since he's supposed to stay in the background and keep his mouth shut, it's much more difficult for him to get through and make a living. That's the way things work of course, it's been like this since human kind started, and every writer can't reach the largest audience but still...

I've been writing stuff (fiction and non-fiction - as manuscripts, screenplays, also a stageplay, in both English and French, I'm French by the way), for fifteen years now. So far nobody knows about what I've done. You'll probably tell me, it's my fault, I don't know how to sell myself, I'm deaf and dumb. Maybe. But I also have lots of hope. Anyway I've created this blog to share my passion(s) and achieve something - among other things.

I just finished a work that was a film script in the first place. The script is too long and the synopsis was rejected by the agent of a famous actor, so I took this too long script and turned it into an average book. It's called "Charlie's Trips". The story of a young, 16-year-old soldier from the Midwest who's swept away by a tornado and winds up on the West Coast, in the future (21 years later), as an 'amnesic precognitive', able to see in the future when he lost his past. With a reverse memory. It's an interesting story. Available only online, on Amazon Marketplace, so far. I'm working on promoting it now, in a special way, and I hope it works.

I'm also trying to be a film producer, maybe in a close future I'll be able to make films from my own screenplays. If you enjoy cinema and books (don't worry, I sure do), feel free to come around and comment and see what I should check out. I'm not close-minded, I have other interests than books and films. I love sports - especially tennis and football (& soccer) and many other things, and I can talk about things (and people) that I don't like - I love that too.

Hope you'll like this blog. Hope it will be useful and allow me to answer my own questions.


  1. Hi Jack. i love reading and writing and agree with you when u say that u can express more on paper than by speech.i would love to read one of your pieces . i write alot, have been writing since i was 11yrs old. but havent had the time to do anything with my material. even now i struggle to get online and write stuff for my blog. my life has been medicine but i m trying to find a balance now. i need to feel human again i guess. Anyways goodluck blogging. looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Welcome to the world of blogging, I hope you enjoy it, and good luck to you in all your writing endeavors.

    As for why we write, I was talking to a musician friend last night who was talking about how musicians play because they are compelled to, they have something inside of them that they have to let out by performing music.

    I think it is the same for writers. I think that we all have things inside that we need to get out, but for whatever reason some of us are built in a way that we need to write it. It isn't really a choice, it is just the way we are made.